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The Jefferson Files
by Martin Herman

ISBN-13: 9781945211003
ISBN-10: 1945211008
Genre: Murder
Publication Date: 2016-05-24
Description: "The Jefferson Files" by Martin HermanIt is 1806, Thomas Jefferson is the President of the United States. A powerful and evil secret society with its tentacles deeply encased in government - at all levels, international finance, and virtually every other aspect of the new nation, arranges for a dissident within their organization to be brutally murdered and left floating in the Potomac River so that the body surfaces within clear site of Jefferson's White House. The secret society is challenging Jefferson's commitment to the morals and principles he has written about so elegantly. This criminal act is intended to send a message, "unlike the limited authority the elected officials - including those of the president, the society's power knows no limits. Acknowledge and support us, allow us to do whatever we want, when and wherever we choose, or suffer the consequences' ".Almost two hundred years later, after discovering a hidden diary written by someone who lived in the White House during that time, a small group of college students and a world class computer hacker learn all there is to know about this particular crime... the identity of the victim and why this specific person's death so clearly defined the society's 'message'... and what, if anything, Jefferson did about it? They also learn all about the secret society.By digging into this two hundred year old crime the students attract the attention of the modern day version of the secret society. The modern leader of the society threatens the students and their very existence but rather than retreat, the students decide to fight back.You will be surprised by the twists and turns the struggle takes; you will also be kept guessing until the very last page. - the expanded editionIn this, the third printing since February, 2015, about 7,000 words have been added. Portions have been extended and characters more fully developed in response to many of the reader's comments received since the first printing.