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Low Country Christmas
by Lee Tobin McClain

ISBN-13: 9781335505026
ISBN-10: 1335505024
Publication Date: 2019-09-24
Description: Come home to Safe Haven, where the best Christmas surprises aren't the ones under the tree. Holly Gibson has one wish this Christmas season: to find her young niece's father. And she's traveled hundreds of miles to the small town of Safe Haven to make that wish come true. But from the moment Holly lays eyes on the mysterious Cash O'Dwyer, he's nothing like she expected. Strong and kind, he makes her heart beat faster. And suddenly that little secret she's keeping about her sister stirs up all kinds of guilt... Cash is stunned--and more than a little wary--to discover he's a father. Having a family of his own was never part of his plan...until sweet baby Penny and her fiercely independent aunt Holly arrive in town. Now he's finding himself trimming trees and stuffing stockings for three. But Cash can't shake the ghosts of his own past this holiday season, forcing him to choose between the safe life he loved...and the new family he can't live without.