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The Glass Is Always Greener
by Tamar Myers

ISBN-13: 9780060846619
ISBN-10: 0062041649
Genre: Fiction
Publication Date: 2011-01-25
Description: “A very funny series.” —Green Bay Press-Gazette After sixteen delightfully madcap books, Tamar Myers’s hilarious Den of Antiquity cozy mystery series comes to a close with The Glass is Always Greener. A real death at a fake wake gets Charleston, South Carolina antiques dealer Abigail Timberlake Washburn into serious hot water in this masterful cozy farewell from the author of The Witchdoctor’s Wife, The Headhunter’s Daughter, and the Magdelena Yoder mysteries. Collectables connoisseurs and Antiques Roadshow nuts won’t want to miss a single minute of Abby’s amateur sleuthing.